BUILD at Comal Active is designed to help people get stronger and add muscle.  More specifically, athletes will increase lean muscle mass, build raw strength and add body weight whether for sport, military service or life in general.

The BUILD program combines weight training with aerobic capacity programming to stimulate muscular growth and increase testosterone levels. Members who participate can expect total body training days with emphasis on muscle groups in a well-balanced design to guarantee total body improvement.

Participants receive nutritional guidelines, sleep and stress management guidance, warm-up instruction, and a meal timing guide. Athletes can choose to complete a body composition analysis to benchmark their body fat percentage, and other metric, to measure results.

The BUILD program is an excellent way to take your fitness to the next level, get stronger, and develop your body to meet your goals!

Combine BUILD with Macro-based Nutrition Coaching from CYP Nutrition to add a daily prescription for food & macro-nutrients intake to accelerate your lean muscle building objectives.

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