Grinder PT

GRINGER PT earned its nickname from Navy SEAL candidates grinding down and building-back their body, mind and spirit with Physical Training (“PT”) on the large concrete slab just outside the BUDS training facility.  Although very simple, these workouts hit hard & fast.  They will improve your cardiovascular output, stamina, and overall durability.  Very little equipment is required as most of the movements require only your body weight.  The Grinder PT WODs are crafted as a progression meaning each session is slightly more challenging than the last.  They are easily scalable for all levels.

The GRINDER PT workouts are meant to supplement your normal training routine several days per week, or they can be used as your primary training regimen 2-3 times per week, especially when your short on time or travelling for work.

GRINDER PT at Comal Active will develop your ability to go hard for longer durations.  You will be more durable and less-likely to “break” while doing activities you enjoy.  Perhaps most importantly, our GRINDER PT workouts will hone your mental toughness by developing your “never quit” mentality.

GRINDER PT workouts are part of our community class series. Our community classes offer schedule flexibility in that you can complete these workouts any time of day. Whether you want to attack the workouts solo or with other Comal Active members is up to you.

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