Stay in the zone with these 45-minute aerobic-based mono-structural workouts designed to boost your cardiovascular fitness while burning, on average, 400-to-1,000 calories per workout.  Use your personal heart rate monitor to track your heart rate in real time so you can visually see how your exercise efforts are challenging you.  The workouts vary daily and in time and modality which keep them fun.  You’ll see bikes, rowers, ski trainers and treadmills just to name a few of the implements we use to keep things interesting.

Once your workout is complete, you’ll have a full breakdown of your efforts waiting for you in your inbox showing metrics such as:  calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone and other cumulative results.

ZONE workouts are part of our community class series. Our community classes offer schedule flexibility in that you can complete these workouts any time of day. Whether you want to attack the workouts solo or with other Comal Active members is up to you.

Free for members/ or buy this class as an online WOD Subscription

Anytime on your own or with other members