Sometimes the best workout is one where you simply burn lots of calories.  BURN at Comal Active combines classic low-impact conditioning modalities with the latest cardiovascular training technology provided by the MYZONE™ Heart Rate System.  Sometimes referred to as “energy systems training,” we work to reboot your metabolism by making it work optimally and consistently over short intervals, thus maximizing the effects of exercise.  Research suggests this type of training can stimulate your body to burn calories for many hours after the workout.

Participants wear a heart rate monitor while running, jumping, rowing, biking, swinging and throwing as their cardiac and intensity telemetry data is broadcast on the big screen side-by-side with other participants in the class.

This data is also recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE app. Members can log in to see their current and past activity helping them track progress towards their goals. There is also the option to compete in challenges, connect with friends and colleagues and track personal health measurements.

There are many benefits of heart rate training:

  • It works as an activity guide, showing you how active you’ve been throughout your day. If you have a daily goal this will help you monitor and track your progress.
  • It lets you know how many calories you’ve burned based on your own body type (weight, height, age, gender, etc.).
  • It provides a connection between your mind and body. By tracking your workout you will be able to see how hard you are working. You will know exactly how hard you are pushing yourself and in return, it provides motivation to do more.
  • It gives you the accountability to work out to the best of your ability.
  • It’s a consistent and reliable measurable tool where you are able to track your progress.

This program is suitable for everyone.


Free for members

$150 mos for non-members