Pre-Natal Training

Designed specifically for women during any trimester. Continuing your exercise routine will be extremely beneficial for both you and your baby. Course instruction is provided by experienced trainers who are certified in pre/post-natal exercise.  We’ll customize our programming for you so that is not only safe and effective, but will help strengthen and prepare your body for child birth. You will continue to train compound functional movements in either a group setting, or on your own for as long as your body will allow. Conditioning will be kept to manageable intensity levels with special attention being placed on mobility, core and pelvic floor strength. This program is broken up into 3 separate phases based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester abilities.

Post-Natal Training

Designed to gradually ease you back into your training routine. The priority will be on re-building core and pelvic floor strength to ensure full recovery and a smooth transition back into your favorite movements like running, jumping, pushing, pressing and squatting. The program will utilize both strength and conditioning elements designed to focus on body composition. This is an ongoing program, scheduled for 2-3 sessions per week.

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$200 month