Comal Spartans

Spartan warriors were one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world.  Their commitment to excellence, hard work and sacrifice made them battle-hardened and virtually unconquerable.  Comal Spartans are no different.

Comal Spartans is a group class designed to get you ready to tackle any challenge you might want to conquer, or simply provide you a phenomenal workout.  This 12-session, two-hour class, is conducted seasonally on Saturday mornings from 7-9am.  It is a crucible experience that will prepare you on all fronts to see your commitment through to reality.  We boast a 100% success rate, meaning our participants ALWAYS accomplish their goal of crossing the finish line.  These grueling workouts are deliberate in making you comfortable being uncomfortable.  We will challenge you, try to break your indomitable spirit and ultimately leave you so well-conditioned for your upcoming event that you’ll simply have fun enjoying every moment until your victory.

Throughout the course, we also spend considerable time teaching relevant obstacle racing skills such as:  rope ascents, spear-throwing, sand bag carries, wall-climbing, and other diabolical challenges.

Our goal as certified Spartan SGX coaches is to help you become a better human. The program is designed for all fitness levels and is grounded with functional bodyweight exercises that will help to improve agility, athleticism, and stamina. The workouts grow progressively challenging over the 12-week course, but are scalable to all levels.   We will be right alongside you, coaching and providing tips on nutrition and lifestyle habits all the while building-up your stamina and athleticism. Because participating in obstacle course racing requires all around fitness, following an SGX program will develop you into a well-rounded athlete ready to take on any obstacle that may come in your path!

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