What is your Drop-In Policy?
We love visitors! We require three months previous experience to drop-in to our CrossFit classes. The fee to drop-in is $20/visit. Or, you can buy a t-shirt for $25.  If you are visiting for an extended time period, we offer several short-term memberships including a one-week unlimited pass ($60), a one-month unlimited pass ($179) and a 10-class punch card ($200). We do not require advance registration for drop-ins, but you can help us by completing our online waiver here. Please contact us for more information.

Is it ok if I’m out of shape and/or have never worked out before?
Absolutely. We see all clients with varying needs and abilities. Whether you’re just beginning your journey toward health and fitness, training for a specific sport or goal, or just wanting to stay healthy, we can help. We have developed a beginner’s program called Foundations Intro, which gradually introduces functional movements and teaches proper form and intensities to prepare you for our main classes. Along with Foundations Intro you will have access to other classes that are programmed and coached with the beginner in mind. Learn more about our Memberships and Services.

What kinds of clients do you currently work with?
We have been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of individuals. We have clients/members that vary in size, shape, age, strength, ethnicity, etc., as well, our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including corporate executives, teachers, medical professionals, firemen, policemen, military, moms, dads, children, all walks of life.

What if I can’t do the Workout of the Day?
One of the core principles of our training philosophy is that we can scale each workout to your ability level. The workouts listed on our daily blog are merely a template. If there are movements you cannot yet perform or are avoiding due to previous injury, your coach will help you find a proper substitution that will allow you to participate and still increase your fitness. Our experienced coaching staff is prepared to help members of all abilities levels get the most out of the daily programs.

I’m really fit. Can I just join the group classes?
Have you been regularly squatting, deadlifting and pressing? How about snatching, cleaning and kettlebells? Climbing ropes, pull-ups and gymnastics? We have established movement standards that you must meet to gain entry to our ongoing group classes. Most new members will start with our Foundations Intro program; however, if you feel you can forego our beginner’s classes and get started in our main classes, contact us to schedule a consultation.

I have already done CrossFit at another facility. Do I still have to take your Foundations Intro classes?
If you have been a member of a registered CrossFit affiliate for at least three months you can become a member at Comal Active without completing our Foundations Intro program.  If you have less than three months experience we require a test-out to join the main classes. Please contact us if you are unsure where you should start.

What is your cancellation policy?
Memberships can either be “paused” or “cancelled.”  Pausing a membership keeps your rate plan locked until your return for a $20 monthly fee (for maximum 90 days).  Membership pauses and cancellations must be submitted via the website no less than two (2) business days prior to the next billing cycle.

Personal Training (1-on-1; 2-on-1; 3-on-1): You may reschedule canceled appointments if you provide at least 24 hours notice. All “no shows” will be lost sessions.

What are your hours?
The gym is available to members 24 hours day / 7 days week.  Comal Active is a member of the Hybrid AF network of gyms.  Contact us to see if someone will be onsite at your desired visit time.

See our Schedule for class times.

How much is your monthly membership?
Our prices depend on your membership type. All our monthly membership options are for unlimited classes. For more information, visit Getting Started and Memberships.

Why is the monthly membership fee so much higher than a regular gym membership?
What you are paying for at Comal Active is high-quality programming and expert coaches. Our programs are designed to be as effective as possible while keeping your safety in mind. Every time you participate in our group classes you will be under the supervision of a certified coach. Most of our coaching staff carry multiple credentials and certifications, and all are certified in CPR/ AED. Continuing education and personal development are at the core of our beliefs. Read more about our coaches. Think of a membership at Comal Active as an affordable alternative to personal training.

I’ve read that CrossFit is dangerous?
CrossFit done wrong can be dangerous. This goes the same for most every other sport or physical activity.  Your safety is our number one priority! This is why we require new members to complete our Foundations Intro curriculum. Our 10 years of programming and coaching experience has allowed us to find a proper balance of variety and intensity making our workouts safe to perform up to five days per week on an ongoing basis. While functional fitness training by nature is challenging, performing workouts in a way that puts you at risk is irresponsible and unnecessary. Our staff is aware of the common risks associated with all fitness programs and are there to monitor your form and intensity so you can both improve your fitness as well as stay viable in day to day life. This includes acknowledging when to limit capable/experienced athletes who run the risk of over-training, over-exertion, dehydration and rhabdomyolyis (a sever kidney condition that effects a very small percentage of athletes).  While there are inherent risks in any physical activity, the healthy rewards far outweigh the lifelong risks posed by a sedentary lifestyle!

How do I update my credit card online in the member portal?
LOGIN to your member portal and click ‘Subscriptions and Payments.’ This is where you will enter your credit card account info.  If you are unable to get into your account follow the “Forgot Your Password” instructions on the login link.  If you need further assistance, please contact us.