Supple Leopard Mobility Classes

“All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.”

-Dr. Kelly Starrett, MobilityWod Founder

In all the animal kingdom, the leopard appears to have the greatest mobility- the ability to move freely and easily.  It’s no wonder why they are also one of the fastest creatures on earth.  Mobility enables effective body position, and correct body position correlates to peak performance.

Ever wonder what all those PVC pipes, lacrosse balls and stretch bands often seen around the gym are for?  This one-hour class will focus on improving your joint mechanics and range of motion and decreasing muscle stiffness.  Our expert coaches who are on loan from our friends at Stratton Sport & Spine will lead you through a MobilityWod-inspired series of dynamic and static stretches, joint mobilizations, and soft tissue work designed to get you moving and feeling better. Show up consistently and learn how to improve your ankle, hip, upper back, shoulder, and wrist mobility so you can continue to live a fit lifestyle while injury-free.


  • Free for members
  • $ 20 (drop-in fee) for non-members